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After 30 years of experience in brake service, we here at Salinas Tires never settle for anything but the best. That’s why all of our brake repairs include a one year warranty. If you are unsure if you need new brakes, we invite you to come in and get a FREE BRAKE CHECK today!

Knowing When to Get a Brake Check

As you drive your vehicle and apply the brakes, your brake pads and rotors will slowly deteriorate. It is important to pay attention to your brakes for safety. Check the thickness of the brake pads and look for grooves on the rotor. Listen for grinding noises when pressing the brakes. 

Be aware of any other strange behavior, such as the car swerving or the steering wheel vibrating. Generally, brakes should be replaced every 50,000 miles, though it could be sooner depending on how you drive. On top of offering new brakes, we also offer rotor resurfacing.

Knowing When Your Vehicle Has Worn Brake Pads

In order to inspect the brake pads properly, you may need a flashlight. If the pads are too thin, with a thickness of less than a quarter of an inch, they will need to be replaced. Certain brake pads have a wear indicator slot down the middle, which can be used to tell if the pads need to be changed. If the slot is either gone or barely visible, it is a sign that new brake pads are necessary.

What Does a Free Brake Inspection Include?

Free brake checks may consist of various things. Different situations may result in faster brake checks than others. Generally, here are some things you may expect during a free brake check. 

One of the things that our technicians may do is test drive your car. The test drive gives us the opportunity to find strange noises, odors, and anything else that is out of the ordinary. It also gives them an opportunity to see how the pedal feels.

After the road test, a technician will open the hood of the car to inspect the parts underneath. The visual inspection will consist of checking the master cylinder, power booster, brake lines, vacuum hose, and combination valve for any damage or evidence of brake fluid leakage.

Brake fluid is an important component of your vehicle’s braking system. It enables the brake pedal to effectively convert the energy of your foot pushing it into the power needed to stop the car. It also works to keep the brake system lubricated and protected from corrosion, ensuring that it performs as it should.

Once the inner workings of the car have been examined, the vehicle may be put onto a lift so that the technician can take a closer look at the bottom of the car. They inspect the underside for any signs of harm, deterioration, and fluid leaking. Additionally, the technician examines the front brake hoses, mounting brackets, and wheel cylinders for any damage or signs of corrosion. Any issues that arise are noted during the process.​​

The technician will then inspect the wheel bearings, hub, and lug nut holes of your vehicle by lowering it onto the lift and removing the wheels. This is to check for any dangerous wear or damage.

Technicians will take out the rear brake drums of your automobile to look for any damage, such as cracks and hard spots, and compare it to the manufacturer’s standards. They will then perform a comprehensive inspection to evaluate the wheel cylinders, pins, springs, washers, pads, backing plate, and primary and secondary brake shoes for any damage, bending, or unusual wear. Additionally, they will test the emergency brake and self-adjusting mechanism to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the technicalities of auto care – our technicians are highly skilled and provide a comprehensive brake inspection. We want you to stay safe on the road without breaking the bank – that’s why we offer free brake inspections and the cost of brakes are competitively priced. 

Brake service price will depend on the type of vehicle. Come visit us here at Salinas Tires today, no need to schedule an appointment. Located at 8813 Norwalk, California 90606. We service Whittier, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Rotor Resurfacing


A new Rotor may not only expensive, but depending on the make of your car some can be very tricky to find! Resurfacing/repairing a rotor is often your best bet.

All of our brake repairs include rotor repair. You can see the difference down below.

A Note on Brake Repair

 Years of experience in repairing brakes has taught us one thing: Replacing your brake pads without resurfacing your rotor is a bad idea. While we do offer a simple brake pad installation service, we highly suggest that it not be done without the rotor repair (especially not more than once!). Many shops, including ours, do not offer any warranties on a brake job that does not include rotor resurfacing as a bad rotor will destroy new brake pads rather quickly.

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