Aftermarket Wheels on a Car

What does your car say about you? What separates it from the rest? Is it the tires? Well no, most people can’t distinguish the difference between a high-quality tire and a sub-par one (until they try driving it!). Is it the type of car? Not exactly, there are thousands of identical cars.

No, we believe that it is the wheels of your car that speak the most.

Fuel Wheel and Tire

Package your next set of wheels with some fresh new tires as well for a great discount!

Benefits of Aftermarket Wheels

New Rims for a Car

Most cars purchased at the dealership come with a set of stock steel rims. These days the best type of wheels are alloy based. Alloy wheels come with three major benefits over their steel counterparts: Lighter Weight, Better Heat Dissipation, and a much cleaner, sleeker appearance.

Lighter weight rims leads to a faster car that is also more fuel-efficient and easier to handle since it reduces the unsprung mass of the suspension. Better heat dissipation helps keep components of your car healthy – for example it will reduce the chance of brake failure due to overheating. More importantly: an alloy wheel is much nicer to look at.

Truck with New Wheels

Method Offroad Wheels are known for being strong, durable, and a perfect fit for any Truck or SUV

Wheel & Rim Customization & Powder Coating

Original, uncoated, BMW Rims

Alloy wheels are often available in a variety of colors/finishes, however they are often limited to certain finish. If you like the style of one wheel but would rather have it in black, silver, or even a deep blue, then your only option is to powder coat them.

Don’t like a particular color or finish on your rim? Let us powder coat them for you! We powder coat stock wheels too!

Freshly Powder Coated Original BMW Rim

General Wheel Maintenance

Your next set of wheels should have proper maintenance and care to keep them looking clean and fresh.

We highly recommend incorporating a wheel cleaning job after your routine car wash. While it may not seem like this is necessary after already washing your car, this is actually not the case. As you drive around, various car grime gets stuck on the wheels as well as some brake dust from your brake pads. Letting this dust sit on your wheels can lead to pits, corrosion, and rust on the surface. Car soap can get the grime out, but the brake dust may linger. We highly recommend getting a wheel cleaner and using it to clean your wheels immediately after washing the body of your car.

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Wheel Repair and Refinishing

Scratches on chrome & aftermarket rims are bound to occur,  thankfully we at Salinas Tires in Whittier offer wheel refinishing to have your wheels looking as good as new, just give us a call!

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