Spark Plugs

Engine misfiring? Weird vibrations in your vehicle even at low speeds? Ridiculous drops in RPM? Then you may be in need of some new Spark Plugs! Don’t worry, Salinas Tires has got your back.

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What are Spark Plugs?

A spark plug is a component of your car that is in charge of igniting the compressed fuel & air mixture in an engine by means of an electric spark, hence the name.

Should I check them?

Thankfully, spark plugs are typically built to last. Most vehicles won’t even need to check them until they’ve hit six digits on the odometer. Unless you start noticing the issues listed below, you’ll rarely have to worry about them.

Signs of Bad Spark Plugs

  1. Loud vibrations throughout the car, even while parked
  2. Car not starting even if the battery seems fine
  3. Engine Misfiring
  4. Engine surging – that is, your vehicle experience huge drops in speed, most notably in the RPM
  5. A drop in your average gas mileage, as a bad plug can severly hurt your fuel economy from incomplete combustion
  6. Your vehicle’s acceleration is much slower than what you’re used to

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