Lift Kit Installation Shop in Whittier, CA

Lift Kit Installation Shop, Whittier, CA

For over 30 years, Salinas Tires has offered lift kit installation for trucks and SUVs. Whether the goal of the lift is to fit larger diameter wheels and larger tires or you simply want more height. Our lift kit installers will help you find the right kit for you. 

We offer everything from truck lift kits on Silverados, Tacoma’s, Ford F150, Jeeps, and even SUVs like the Subaru Forester! We work with all major suspension brands to help get you the lift you want; from Rough Country to Icon Vehicle Dynamics. 

Benefits of Rough Country Lift Kits

Rough country lift kits have various benefits. For example, they are available for various vehicles and are of great value for the price. Aside from Rough Country, we also carry Procomp, Icon, and much more!

Types of Lift Kits

There are various types of kits available for lifting your truck or SUV. The most simple and affordable way to do so is with a body lift kit (also called a spacer kit). 

The other way is through a suspension lift kit. Both accomplish the same goal of lifting the vehicle, but they differ in their performance and deciding which one is best for you is a critical part of beginning to transform your vehicle into the truck or SUV of your dreams. Jeeps are some of the most common lifted vehicles we work with.

What are Suspension Lift Kits?

A suspension lift kit involves lifting the vehicle by changing vital suspension components which may include the shocks, struts, leaf springs, and many other systems.

This is the preferred lifting method for those who want the best possible ride or for those who intend on doing any serious offroading. Suspension lift kits are also the only method to lift a vehicle above 5″, so if you want that 12″ SEMA show-truck look, you’ll have to go with a suspension lift kit.

In some cases a lifted vehicle will drive better than it did before the lift! Premium brands like Icon Vehicle Dynamics offer a wide range of lifts suited to fit the performance you’re looking for!

Rough Country Lift Kit, Whittier, CA

Struts can often be adjust to a range of modifiable heights.

Body Lift Kits

A body lift kit (or spacer kit) works by introducing new components to supplement the old suspension systems, such as a spacer block to put in the front struts of a vehicle. They are the most common types of lifts and for good reason – they’re affordable, get the job done, and are easy to take apart in case you want to return your vehicle to stock.

The benefit to these is that they are much more affordable and still do the same job of lifting the vehicle. The downside is that these are limited to around 5″ for most vehicles as most suspension systems aren’t designed to ride with heights that large.


How long does it take to install a lift kit on a truck?

Experienced installer can take anywhere between seven and fifteen hours to finish installing a new lift kit. Even though installing a lift kit can be a straightforward process, it is likely to take a DIYer twice as long doing it at home. This is why we recommend hiring a trained professional for this task. 

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