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Tire Guide

For many people, picking out their tire is just something they leave to their dealers or local shops like ours since it always seems like such a hassle. While we at Salinas Tires always strive to pick out the tire that’s best for you and your car, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit about the tire selection process.

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Tire Size

If you’re looking to buy some tires, it helps to have the measurements of your tire in hand. You can see the tire size printed on the sidewall of the tire.

For example, the tire size for the BMW in this picture is: 225/45R17

However keep in mind that if you’re buying a full set (4 tires), then you may be able to go with a completely different size than what you’re currently using. Some of our customers prefer getting smaller (or low profile) tires, while others enjoy a larger size for their ride.

What the numbers mean

The first number represents the width of the tire – that is, the distance between the two sidewalls of the tire. Simply: How wide the tire is.

The second number is actually a ratio, not a measurement. It represents how large the height of the tire is compared to its width. If your tire is narrow, then this number is usually large.

The last number, usually preceded by the letter “R”, represents the size of your wheel/rim. Unlike the first two numbers, which if needed can be substituted for other sizes, this number must match the size of your wheel or it will not fit.

What about the letters?

You may have noticed some letters along the size imprint. If you see an “LT”, then you should make sure that any tire you get is also an LT tire. Briefly, LT is for light trucks designed to handle heavier loads, while P-metric tires are for passenger vehicles. (Note that most tires are P-metric and may omit the P in the size label).

You may also see a fourth number, such as 94V. For your usual driver, this isn’t too important. The letter represents the maximum speed rating of a tire, while the number represents the Load Index or maximum weight that a tire can support.

Salinas Tires, 8813 Norwalk Blvd

Whittier, CA 90606